martedì, Settembre 29, 2020
Quota 100

“Quota 100 will not be renewed” Conte claims

Speaking at the Festival of Economics in Trento, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte claims: "Quota 100 will not be renewed". Immediate...
USA - Italy

USA – Italy: agreement for the moon exploring

Italy and USA signed an agreement for the moon exploring. To sign the agreement were the undersecretary for the presidency of the...
Salvini announces

Salvini announces a revolution in the Lega party

After the defeat at the regionals, Lega's leader Matteo Salvini announces a revolution in the party, claiming it will be organized as...

World Dream Day

World Dream Day is commemorated on September 25 of every year. To get a better tomorrow, one needs to dream and work...
Beppe Grillo

Beppe Grillo – “I believe in direct democracy”

M5S's founder Beppe Grillo defends the vote platform Rousseau and claims: "I do not believe in Parliament, but in direct democracy".
War amid the M5S

War amid the M5S – Di Battista: “The biggest defeat for the M5Ss”

In Italy, after the elections, there is such a war amid the M5S. Among the MoVimento there is only a sort of...
N I C E фестиваль

Фестиваль нового итальянского кино N I C E

N I C E (New Italian Cinema Events) – фестиваль с многолетней историей, охватывающий несколько российских городов. Ежегодный московский N I C...
Political chessboard

Political chessboard after the elections in Italy

Italian elections have finished. Everyone claims victory. M5S says it is satisfacted because of the victory of the referendum. The center-left ...
Референдум в Италии

Референдум в Италии: выигрывает ответ “Да”

Референдум в Италии: омментируя итоги референдума, глава МИД Италии и один из лидеров "Движения 5 звезд", которое инициировало данную кампанию, Луиджи Ди...
referendumi italian

Referendumi italian pëfundon me fitoren e “Po-së”

Populli Italian doli në grupe për të votuar në zgjedhjet rajonale rreth një referendumi që mund të ulë numrin e ligjvënësve me...
Election day

Election day, Lega: Matteo Salvini vs. Luca Zaia

Today, the election day have taken place also in Veneto. Here there has been a sort of plebiscite for the Lega outgoing...
Towards victory

Torwards victory of the “yes” in Italy – what is going to happen?

In Italy has been taking place the referendum for the cut of the parliamentarians. From the first exit polls, we can see...
Instant polls

Instant polls of the regional elections in Italy

At 3 p.m. the elections have finished in Italy. Here are the first instant polls on regional elections and on the referendum....
walter scott

Walter Scott, lo scrittore scozzese

Lo scrittore scozzese Walter Scott moriva ad Abbotsford House il 21 settembre 1832, lasciando nel dolore un intero popolo.

Italy – Election Day and referendum

On 20th and 21th of September there will be both the election day in some regions and the constitutional referendum in...