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World Dream Day

World Dream Day is commemorated on September 25 of every year. To get a better tomorrow, one needs to dream and work on the dream to attain success. Are you a dreamer? 

The World Dream Day is just for you, celebrates every visionary as to encourage them to achieve the dream. Have a dream, plan to work on it and start working on it. 

Every year, many countries around the world honor the ability to labor with labor holidays. On Friday, September 25th, the weekend before Labor Day in America, individuals, businesses communities, and organizations from all over the world will celebrate the ability to turn thoughts into action by honoring a simple truth: before one labor, one must dream.

A completely unique recurrence of its kind, born with the noble purpose of paying homage to everyone’s dreams, whether they are nocturnal or hidden in the drawer of the dresser, and to encourage all aspirations, goals and ideas, feasible or not.

A day that encourages us to believe. In us, in those around us, in projects and desires.
How do you say? Of course, it is also true if you wish to have wings!

This year the World Dream Day is already 8 years old and, for the occasion, the theme chosen for the day in question will be “Dream Higher”. He encourages himself to dream “higher”, beyond our idea of tomorrow.

History of World Dream Day

An anonymous instructor first established the World Dream Day at Columbia University in 2012. The aim of celebrating the day is to help each one us to achieve our dreams. The day is observed to encourage individuals, families, schools, businesses, and communities to take time and focus on those dreams to turn them into a reality.

The vision of the day is to unite the people from all around the world in achievement and aspiration. The celebration of the day makes the world a brighter, more innovative and collaborative place.

Every dream has some effects, and there are so many world-famous personalities who attained success after making their dream come true. One has to cross the barriers to achieving the goal.

Dream Higher

The intent, in fact, is precisely to make each of us turn our gaze towards a much broader and more open-minded vision about the issues that, in this year, are accompanying us with a certain frequency and urgency.

We talk about raising our idea of the future, ours and the planet that welcomes us, including within our dreams and future projects the necessary considerations so that they can be realized without, however, overshadowing the higher dream of a healthier society and environment.

The chosen theme seems to want to leverage the attention that the ambitions and habits of a modern life enriched with a thousand and more comforts seem to have distracted from other topics, and it does so with a simple but concise question: how many times do we turn our look at the mobile screen instead of the sky?

How to Celebrate World Dream Day

Celebrating World Dream Day is very simple. Bring out an inspiring dream, create a plan, and start to work towards your goal.

The day is even for those who want to enlarge their productivity or goal. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #WorldDreamDay.

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