Will Biden succeed in reunifying the country?

Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States. He will have a very arduous duty: to reunify a divided America

Will Biden succeed

The American elections have given an outcome. The democratic candidate Joe Biden is the new President of the United States. He faces a completely divided and polarized America. Will Biden succeed in reunifying the country?

Will Biden succeed in reunifying the country?

The American presidential elections have decreeted a winner. It’s the democratic candidate Joe Biden. Biden will have to face big challenges, starting by the fact that Donald Trump has not accepted his defeat, yet.

In fact, outgoing president Trump puts in doubt the outcome of the elections and, as is going on repeating, he claims fraud in the vote. The Trump administration is behaving as a dictatorship. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo uses his position in order to promote complaints of electoral fraud.

Amid this chaos, elected president Biden is doing everything in order to keep calm. Since his first speech, Biden has demonstrated he wants to reach out to everyone, without making any distinction between the two parties. Joe Biden pronounced maybe the most inportant phrase ever for a US President: “For everyone of you who voted for President Trump, I understand tonight’s disappointment. I lose a pair of times, as well. But now let’s give ourselves a chance”. With this phrase, Biden showed he wants to be everyone’s President.

Joe Biden passed a life among frustration, grief and lost, both on political side and personal side. He is a man whose big victories are followed by devastating defeats. He knows that to loose is part of life, and that in politics people need to learn how to speak with the counterpart. This is a big difference with President Trump, who claims: “I always win. To loose is for losers. And I am definitely not a loser”.

Words do count for Biden

Biden knows that in politics acts and words do count. After four years of the most polarizing president in history, he has been reaching out with empathy to everyone who disagrees with him.

The former vice-president will have to fight in order to reunify America, not only against trumpism but also against progressists from his same party. In fact, progressists are going on attcking him, by claiming he is too moderated. They want him to listen to what is important for them.

Moreover, Biden will have to face another big problem in the country: the pandemic, which has been destroying the country due to Donald Trump’s indifference.

In conclusion, Joe Biden has lots of difficult challenges to face. But I am sure that, thanks to his experience, his calm and capacity of dialogue, he will succeed in bringing back America to the old America, the land of hope which, althourgh its defects, everyone dreamt. As Biden said: “America is coming”.

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