It’s Election Day in the United States of America

Today the American people are called to the polls to elect the Congress and the US President

It's Election Day

Today, milions of American citizens are called to the polls to elect the future President of the United States. It’s Election Day. The elections take place in an environment which was not seen since the Civil War. An America more and more divided and polarized is preparing to choose if to reconfirm the President who created this chaos or to change on with a Biden America.

It’s Election Day – Is America going to change on?

Today the world’s longer awaited moment is come. In America, citizens vote in order to elect the 46th President of the United States. This is maybe the most important election in the US history. It takes place in an environment which was not seen since the Civil War. There is an America more and more divided and splitted by racial injustices. moreover, the American people are called to the polls with a looming pandemic across the country.

President Trump, in four years of adiministration, has been completely changing America. He has been polarizing the entire nation, creating an environment of hate and scare. He has been leading the White House as a Mafia den. Trump has been even leading his presidency with “alternative facts” and lies.

In particular, Trump as leaded America as an authoritarian leader putting at risk the world’s freedom leader nation democracy.

The democratic candidate Joe Biden will challenge Trump. Biden, at the venerable age of 77, has decided to get back in the game in order to try to end this chaos and to bring back America on a democratic way. Biden introduced himself as the candidate who will reunify the nation, comparing with both Dems and GOPs.

These will be different elections

This year’s elections could be completely different from the other ones. In fact, Americans are used to know the next president name the night after the vote. This time it could not be so. This year, in fact, milions of people voted by mail. The votes’ count is starting just today. So, we will have to expect a prolonged count.

So, who is in advantage this night may not be the real winner. This could create the risk for which one of the two candidates – especially Trump – declares himself winner. This could create tensions among the streets, too.

President Trump has always expressed his disappoint on mail voting, and he has also mentioned fraud.

This morning the polls opended, from East Coast to West Coast. Long queues are already taking place at the polls. In Houston, Texas, enthisiasim is high. An old voter claimed: “I think that, one way on another, it will change our country’s direction. I have never seen an emotion as this in 50 years, since I vote”.

Many people say that in lots of States Trump’s endorsers are trying to intimidate voters, but it does not seem it is going to work well.

In lots of GOP stongholders, especially in Arizona, voters have made log queues for voting.

We hope to see the America everyone dreams again

Tomorrow morning, when we get up, we will not know if there is already a winner. But we can hope the American people have understood Trump’s danger in the world, not only in America.

In the hope to see Joe Biden vow as President on 20th January, I will follow hour by hour the election. I am sure that, sooner or later, America will come back to be a model for world, strengths and weaknesses comprised. “Make American Dream Great Again”.

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