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Threads to become Twitter’s rival after Meta’s launch

Mark Zuckerberg’s new platform Threads will be rolled out in 100 countries and the access is expected to be broaden out. Meta’s CEO predicts 1 billion new downloads within a relatively little time frame. A great threat to Twitter, which, as Meta pointed out, was unsuccessful in achieving such important goals.

Threads: Meta’s new achievement, Twitter’s new rival?

A new threat is stepping forward against Elon Musk’s social platform Twitter after Meta officially launched Thread. Mark Zuckerberg’s new social network has already gathered 5 million subscriptions within just four hours after the platform was declared open to public users. Twitter’s rival is a sort of “text version” of Instagram, and it is compatible with Android, Google and iOS operative systems. It is expected to be launched in 100 countries worldwide, albeit apparently Europe has to await a bit longer.

The social will work in synergy with Instagram

Meta released a declaration in which the company explain the main features of this new social. As reported, Threads is a space devoted to real-time updates and public conversations based on users’ Instagram credentials. It will be able to support text messages up to 500 characters long, photos and videos a maximum of five minutes long. In addition, threads will support reposts – which is a feature similar to the highly popular retweets in Twitter – as well as posts with citations. Users can limit their answers, block or report other accounts. Another strength of this social is the synergy with Instagram, which is a highly popular platform and can therefore attract many new users for Threads. In fact, Thread’s posts can easily be posted as stories on Instagram.

ActivityPub, the next step

According to Meta’s official blog, the company is committed to making Threads compatible with ActivityPub, a renowned protocol for social networking. In particular, the famous company believes that such compatibility may give users the possibility to follow and interact with other Thread users without having a Thread account and vice versa. Meta already carried out a test with a restricted group of creators and workers. Zuckerberg’s prediction is that this new social will host 1 billion users, pointing out that Twitter could have achieved such a goal but was unsuccessful. “We hope to do this”, wrote on one of the first posts on his new platform.

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