Dear President Trump, this is the America you have created

Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump, this is the America you have created. Stop to blame the others, and take your responsibilities.

Dear President Trump…

In America the protests continue. In many cities where the protests are placed, people are divided in two factions. On one side, there are ANTIFAs, and on the other one there are Extreme Right supporters.

US cities are becoming such a theater of a civili war. President Trump goes on with the same arguments. In fact, he always claims America in in Extreme Left supporters hands, who want to destroy the Country. Moreover, he claims all this will go on – or get worse – if Biden become President.

Trump continues to blame the Democrats. In fact, in his own opinion, they are responsable to have destroyed the American Dream. As in 2016 elections, Trump blames adversaries, claiming that is theri fault if there are “the criminal Mexican people”, who “illegally cross the Wall at the border”. The President uses conspiracy theories to defund the adversaries, and claims there is a Deep State in the Government.

…this is the America you have created

Dear President Trump, you yet forget an important aspect. In last four years, you have been the President of the United States. This is the America you have created. You are not be able to be a real President. Mister Trump, you have spent your four years as POTUS by using an incendiary message, by creating fear and divisions, and by putting people one against the other.

Moreover, you have been able to politicize everything, as no one has done before. You, Trump, have divided America in two sides, your supporters’, that you always listen, and the others’, that, on your opinion, go worse, and that people do not have to listen.

Dear Donald Trump, you continue to repeat America is in Exterme Left People hands. But it is because you have never listened to citizens who really need help, that these groups were formed.

Your slogan was “Make America Great Again”, while your motto “Put American people first”. Maybe, you meant, “Put my Supporters first” or, better, “Put Trump first”.

This November, Americans will be asking: “Do we want a President who has created an America where everyone hates the other, or a President who wants a more perfect union?”.

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