Why Italy is the country of the year for The Economist

Why Italy has been elected Country of the Year by The Economist's


Awarded for its post-pandemic recovery policy and vaccine campaign, Italy also stands out in other areas.

Italy has earned an important international award, one that makes Italians very proud. Every year, the Economist, the English political and economic weekly magazine, chooses the “Country of the year”. This award is given to the country that has made the most marked improvement in one or more areas during the whole year. For the difficult 2021, the country chosen for its progress is Italy.

The Economist team does not reward the richest nation, nor do they consider the quality of life or the happiness of its inhabitants. The decisive factor is the improvement, the progress or the advancement on key issues. Indeed, past winners include Uzbekistan, for the abolition of slavery and Tunisia for its democratic breakthrough.

A special award in the year of Covid

2021, like 2020, was a particularly complicated year. Despite the fact that, all over the world, new problems had to be solved alongside old ones, some countries stood out for their ability to bounce back after the 2020 setbacks. Italy, more than any other countries, has been able to tackle the difficulties, achieving not only economic recovery but also great satisfaction in other areas.

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Worldwide, the effects of Covid-19 have not subsided, new variants have emerged and disadvantaged areas are still excluded from vaccination. In such a complicated scenario, being able to work hard with success increases satisfaction and pride in the results achieved.

Italy awarded for Covid management policy

One of the elements that brought Italy’s to emerge at an international level was undoubtedly a prime minister like Mario Draghi. Described by the Economist as ‘competent and internationally respected’, he has not disappointed expectations. His work at the helm of the country has led to a clear turnaround compared to the previous year.

The banker was able to put together a majority that was able to undertake radical reforms. Facing the post-Covid era with the EU-funded National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Italian economy is recovering faster than that of other countries. Italy in the most difficult period that many generations remember, has actually been able to be resilient, doing better than France and Germany.

Italy’s positive year was also influenced by the vaccination campaign. With one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe: 85.79% of the population over 12 has completed the vaccination cycle. Not even the dreaded return to school in September had any adverse effects, thanks in part to the success of the vaccination campaign for children aged between 12 and 19. In addition, the recent campaign for children between 5 and 11 years old was launched before Christmas.

A magical 2021 for sport and music and a driving force for online betting sites

As well as being decisive for politics and for the handling of the pandemic, 2021 was a year of victories in sport and music. It certainly wasn’t Maneskin’s Eurovision triumph that earned the Economist’s prestigious award. And probably not the sporting victories either. But the competitiveness regained on international stages undoubtedly benefits the country’s mood and also acts as a driving force in various sectors, with a real impact on the economy.

Italy made its mark on the football field, winning the European Championships, and was excellent at the Tokyo Olympics, with 40 medals in 19 disciplines, a record never reached before. The Azzurri also dominated at the Paralympics with another absolute record, that of 63 medals.

These sporting successes have also driven another sector, that of gambling. In fact, the best Italian betting sites have seen strong increases in bets, connected with the incredible sporting victories. Matteo Berrettini’s Wimbledon final not only made the Italian people proud, it also made tennis bets on the top betting sites in Italy soar.

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