War amid the M5S – Di Battista: “The biggest defeat for the M5Ss”

After the elections in Italy, is war among M5S's Di Maio, Di Battista, and Fico

War amid the M5S

In Italy, after the elections, there is such a war amid the M5S. Among the MoVimento there is only a sort of “one against the other”. Di Battsta is against anyone, and now there is the risk of a split.

War amid the M5S

After the outcome of the vote, there is a big tension amid the M5S. Harsh words are soaring among the main leaders, Luigi Di Maio, Alessandro Di Battista and Roberto Fico. Even the periodical loyal to this party, Il Fatto Quotidiano, writes: “The MoVimento 5 Stelle is going to explode”. Then it claims: “The 5 Stelle, winners of the referenudm but at the same time sunk at the local polls, are already a battlefield. The 3 bigs Di Maio, Di Battista and Fico blame one another and purpose different truths”.

Now, the M5Ss are waiting for setting a date at the Congress to redefine internal balances. However, now the uncertainty is the real sovereign.

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, claims that the referendum was a succeess, and he supports the coalition model with PD. In fact, where they have used this plan, they won.

Immediate the reply of Alessandro Di Battista, who says: “Regionals were the biggest defeat for the MoVimento. We lost votes and identity. This is the end of a dream many people believed in”.

Moreover, Di Battista underlines the negative outcome in Campania, although Fico and Di Maio come from overthere. Di Battista does not exult for the victory at the referendum, neither. In fact he claims: “It is a beautiful result. But it comes from the ones who hate the MoVimento. This excess of exulting is misleading, and not fair”.

Political chessboard after the elections in Italy

Fico to try to keep calm among the party

Roberto Fico claims that MoVimento’s General States are permanents, and not a “day in spot”. Moreover, Fico says the identity crisis of the M5Ss cannot be attribued to this elections, but to a long time ago.

Now, is not time to start wars among gangs. It is time to reunite us“, Roberto Fico says.

Now the MoVimento 5 Stelle is divided into three factions. One has a leader in the facts, Luigi Di Maio, another with a leader in the dreams, Alessandro Di Battisia, an another with a peacemaker leader, Roberto Fico.

We will see how the story of the M5S is going to end.