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Top-rated cancer hospitals


Cancer treatment is becoming more and more successful. Honestly, this applies primarily to developed countries. The innovative treatment is very effective, but it necessitates the purchase of costly equipment. The latest treatment options are available abroad, including robot-assisted surgical interventions, individual cancer vaccines, chemoembolization, CAR T-cell therapy, stem cell transplants, and many other methods. You are welcome to visit the Booking Health website to go abroad for your treatment. On our website, you can see the best hospitals for cancer treatment, find out prices, and make an appointment for your treatment for your preferred dates.

When is it necessary to go to a specialized clinic?

Cancer is treated in many hospitals, but, in some cases, you will need the help of the best doctors to defeat the disease. We recommend seeking medical help at the top-class oncology centers in the following cases:

  • Advanced stage of cancer: new treatment methods are being used abroad that make it possible to successfully treat cancer even at stage 4. These are immunotherapy, radionuclide therapy, and new types of drugs for targeted therapy.
  • Aggressive types of malignant tumors that often recur and quickly spread throughout the body.
  • At the very early stage of cancer, doctors at specialized clinics perform minimally invasive treatment instead of conventional abdominal surgery (these are brachytherapy, laser therapy, photodynamic therapy, endoscopic tumor resections, etc.).
  • Cancer against the background of severe concomitant diseases (specialized clinics use more sparing treatment methods that have fewer contraindications, for example, they perform MRI-guided laser ablation of a brain tumor instead of a conventional craniotomy or use chemoembolization instead of a surgical resection).
  • Oncological diseases in children. Cancer treatment is safer abroad. Doctors try to use methods that do not impair the child’s development in the future. For example, proton therapy is used to irradiate tumors instead of conventional photon therapy.
  • Tumor recurrence and lack of response to standard therapy. Foreign oncologists can use second-line, third-line, and other types of therapy, as they have many new drugs and methods at their disposal.
  • Rare types of tumors. In developed countries, there are specialized centers whose doctors have vast experience treating rare forms of cancer.

Which clinics are leading in cancer treatment?

You can see the TOP cancer clinics in Germany and other countries on the Booking Health website. Please enter your diagnosis in the search bar, and you will get a list of hospitals. At the top of the list, you will see the top-rated cancer hospitals that achieve outstanding results in the treatment of certain types of cancer.

You can select a cancer center from this list, compare the cost of treatment at different hospitals, and choose the best option. You can also sort hospitals by reviews and nearest free date. After selecting a clinic, you can proceed with making an appointment. Please attach medical documents to your request. The Booking Health specialist will then contact you to agree on all the details of your upcoming trip abroad for cancer treatment.

The Booking Health specialists will take care of all the arrangements for your treatment abroad. We will contact the hospital administration, schedule an appointment for your preferred dates, help you reduce the waiting time for the start of your treatment, buy airline tickets, and book a hotel room for you. We will meet you at the airport, take you to the hospital, provide interpreting services, and provide support during the entire period of your stay abroad.