Stefano Cucchi died 11 years ago


Stefano Cucchi died 11 years ago after six days of pre-trial detention in merciless conditions. He was 31 years old that fatal night on October 22nd, 2009. When he was carried to the hospital Pertini, he weighed around 37 kilograms and huge hematomas heavily compromised his health conditions.

Who was Stefano Cucchi?

Stefano Cucchi was born in Rome on October 1st, 1978.
Stefano spent almost three years in rehab for drugs addiction. He tried to get out of it. After that period, his family thought the drug problem was gone so that Stefano could get his life back, but things turned out completely differently. They realized he still had an addiction the night he was arrested for dealing drugs.
They found him with plastic bags of hashish, cocaine and, of course, his epilepsy pill.
An arrest warrant was inevitable, he knew that.

Stefano Cucchi

Stefano was a ragged child who had no idea how to take good care of himself: when he was arrested was severely undernourished and weak, but showed off no hematomas nor traumas when he arrived to the barracks. Sometimes people need a second chance, unluckly this wasn’t the case. The next day, on his first day of trial, he couldn’t walk nor talk properly, huge hematomas covered his eyes, but never mentioned to have been beaten up to a pulp by anyone.

Doctor says: “i confirm severe bruises”

The judge sets the trial for next month, in the meantime Stefano would be transferred for his pre-trial detention at Regina Coeli’s prison, where his conditions severely got worse.
Indeed he was brought to the ER of the Fatebenefratelli hospital, where the doctors confirmed multiple bruises: in the abdomen, in the face (fracture of the jaw), in the legs and in the chest ( with fracture of the lumbar vertebra and the coccyx). Still he refuses to be helped, so he is taken back into prison.

A son and a brother

At this point, he also refused to drink nor eat anything during the entire pre-trial detention. In the following days, Stefano Cucchi is transferred to the prison ward of the Sandro Pertini hospital, where he dies at dawn on October 22: at the time of death he weighs only 37 kilograms. Sure he was no saint, but he was a human being, a son and a brother. Today the two responsibles for his brutal death have been condamned to 12 years of prison for preintentional murder.

What has been done for his memory ?

In 2018 a movie had been produced in Stefano Cucchi’s memory : «Sulla mia pelle».
This movie tells the story of Stefano’s last week and was indeed selected as opening movie to the 75th Edition of Venice International Film Festival.

The movie was distributed though Lucky Red cinemas and through Netflix via streaming since 12th September 2018. Rome’s City Hall had recently dedicated a marble tablet in his honour.
They also planted an olive tree in Piazzale Aldo Moro, very next to La Sapienza University.
Stefano’s sister, who always fought for the truth about his brother to be told, showed up at the inauguration of the tablet: «Stefano is remembered today on this plaque and I am happy that it is placed right here, the University is a symbol of the future, this is where we begin to build. »

Il suo ricordo vive nella ricerca della verità nella lotta per i diritti,per la giustizia e per la pace.

Quotation on the Marble Tablet

«His memory lives on in the search for truth in the struggle for rights, for justice and for peace.»