“Quota 100 will not be renewed” Conte claims

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has definitely closed the discssion on pensions. Quota 100 won't be renewed

Quota 100

Speaking at the Festival of Economics in Trento, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte claims: “Quota 100 will not be renewed”. Immediate Salvini’s reply: “Lega will not give this the permission”.

Quota 100 won’t be renewed

The discussion on pensions has always been in the middle of the Italian debate. When, in the year 2018, the government coalition “Lega-Cinque Stelle” took the power, the so called quota 100 were applied for the first time, in order to replace the Fornero Law.

With Quota 100, people could ritire before the age of 67.

In fact, citizens could retire with the age of 62 and 38 years of taxes. This reform was strongly wanted by the Lega leader Matteo Salvini, who defined it as the greatest decision of the coaltion and the salvation for hundreds of thousands of Italian workers.

The prime minister Giuseppe Conte, speaking at the Festival of Economics in Trento, has announced that the symbolic measure of the government coalition will not be renewed.

In fact he has claimed: “Quota 100 is a three-year measure which wanted to supply a social discomfort. It is a temporal offer which is going to expire on Dcember 2021, and his renewal is not on the agenda”.

Conte has yet claimed: “The pension system needs a reform. And we need to make a list of wearing works. It is the best thing we can do”.

Salvini angry, Renzi is on the same side of Conte

After the words of Conte, the first one to react has been Matteo Salvini, who has declared: “Do they want to come back to the Fornero Law? Lega won’t give them the permission, I promise that. We cannot joke with the sacrifices of thousands of Italian workers”.

On the same side of Conte there is the Italia Viva leader Matteo Renzi.

Renzi has said: “The Quota 100 abolition is an important turning point. After having changed direction in Europe, now we are coming back to seriousness about pensions. We are remedying again the damages of the populist government. The next target is the ESM”.

The Prime Minister has claimed that his government will try to improve the basic income. Moreover, he has said to wait for make an evaluation of the projects for the Recovery Fund until they will not be concluded.

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