PD publishes the face of Nina Bahinskaja on the Facebook logo

The Italian Democratic Party replaced its logo on Facebook with the 73-year-old Belarusian activist

PD publishes

The secretary of PD Nicola Zingaretti has annuned that PD publishes the face of Nina Bahinskaja on the Facebook logo. The 73-year-old activist was arrested in Belarus in the last days, during the protests. Zingaretti: “We are with her”.

Political situation in Belarus

From tht last August, 9th, there are lots of protests for disputing the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in the elecions in Belarus.

Lukashenko, called the last dictator in Europe, is in power in Belarus from 1994. In the last elections, he was reconfirmed for a sixth mandate. He would have overwhelmed, with the 80% of votes in favor. However, the opposition blames Lukashenko of having rigged the results.

Protests have been repressed by the government with any means possible. Police arrested lots of protestors, reporters and opposition leaders. Moreover, the not arrested oppositors had to leave for another country.

In one of the last protests, many women took to the street in order to dsipute Lukashenko’s regime. Some agents with green uniforms and black balaclavas rounded people in the march and arrested lots of women. Among these ones, there was also the Belarusian activist, as well as 73-year-old great grandmother, Nina Bahinskaja. She has been becoming a sort of icon for the protests.

In a video you can say a policeman ripping off the flowers crown she wore, and pushing her into the van. The old woman was brought to the police station, and then they released her soon later.

La Bielorussia preoccupa l’Europa, intanto le donne in marcia per protestare

PD publishes the face of Nina Bahinskaja

The International Community is on the same side of the Belarusian opposition. In fact, it condemns repressions of pacific protests.

The secretary of the Italian Democratic Party (PD) Nicola Zingaretti launched an initiative in support of Bahinskaja. In fact, PD has published the face of Nina Bahinskaja on the Facebook logo.

Zingaretti claims: “From today, there is the face of Nina Bahinskaja on the PD social account. There are her ideas, her fights”.

PD’s secretary writes in a post on the Facebook platform: “Nina Bahinskaja, 73 years old, arrested again in Belarus. We are with her, and with all men and women who fight for freedom against the dictator Lukashenko”.

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