New DPCM: Italy in semi-lockdown for a month

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has been signing the new DPCM, which remains in force form Monday, October 26th to Tuesday, November 24th


In order to try to contain the coronavirus outbreak, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has been signing a new DPCM. This puts Italy in a semi-lockdown for a month. Stop for bar and restaurants from 6 p.m., but they can be opened on Sunday. The new measures will be in force until Tuesday, November 24th.

New DPCM: what does it provide?

The coronavirus cases are exponentially increasing in Italy. PM Giuseppe Conte has so decided to implement a new DPCM. This new DPCM is entering in force tomorrow, and is going to last until November, 24th.

The DPCM provides to the closing of bars, restaurants, ice cream shops and pastry shops at 6 p.m. every day, holidays included. However, after 6 p.m. this activities can make home deliveries. It remains instead agreed without time limits restauration in hotels. In restaurants, the can be a maximum of four people per table. The number can be bigger only if people are from the same family. Moreover, it is forbidden to eat by the street after 6 p.m. .

Gyms, swimming pools, game rooms and spas are going to be temporary closed. Cinemas and theaters are going to get closed, while museums are going to remain opened. However, they will have to maintain several rules, as to be opened with contingent use.

Ski resorts are closed. They can only be used by professionists, as well as non-professionists recognized by CONI Organization.

With the new DPCM, the government confirms the suspension of events and sports competition of any order and type, except of professionists.

DPCM: high schools closed, smart working is reccomended

Parties are forbidden in closed and opened spaces, both civil and religious ones. Demonstrations are permittes only if staying, and parades are forbidden.

For which regards schools, this new DPCM confirms online teaching for the 75% in high schools, with the possibility to reach the 100%. Smart working is strongly reccomended.

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