Matteo Salvini to face trial in the Open Arms case

Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini on charges of abuse of power and illegal imprisonment of people

The Italian Senate granted the request of the Palermo Court to continue the “Open Arms case”. Case against former Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Senator Matteo Salvini on charges of abuse of power and illegal imprisonment of people.

Despite the fact that the Commission for Regulation and Parliamentary Inviolability of the Senate of Italy rejected the request, 149 senators voted for bringing the leader of the “League” party to court, 141 voted against, one abstained.

Open Arms six days ashore

We are talking about the Open Arms ship of a Spanish NGO. Ship that picked up more than a hundred migrants in the Mediterranean Sea last August. Contrary to the prohibition of entry into Italian territorial waters, it took them to the island of Lampedusa.

The authorities had forbidden passengers to go ashore for six days, which led to a lawsuit against the former interior minister. He was actively trying to stop the migration flow from the North African coast. Actions taken with the support of several members of the first government of Giuseppe Conte.

Carabinieri arrested revealed a widespread illegality

My conscience is clean

I continue to walk forward with my head held high and my conscience clean, I can look my children in the eyes as I was doing my duty,” he said in the Senate.

In February, the highest chamber of the Italian Parliament granted such a request. The Court of Catania faced a similar case involving the ship of the Italian Coast Guard Gregoretti.

At the end of July 2019, its crew picked up at sea 131 migrants, who, as in the case of Open Arms. for several days the authorities were not allowed to go ashore in the port of Sicilian city of Augusta.

The issue was resolved only after a number of EU countries and the Church agreed to receive and host the people. A preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for October 3.

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