M5S and General States – stop to Rousseau and alliances

The M5S General States have been concluding. What is going to happen by now?

M5S and General States

M5S and General States. The main choices for the M5S Congress: a secretary of 5-7 components. The report with Casaleggio will be loosen, and no derogation to double mandate. From the M5S General States, a new movement is getting out.

M5S and General States – what is going to change?

The so called M5S General States have concluded. A long waited Congress, necessary for reorganizing the movement after the difficult period it is going through. At first, this period started with Di Maio’s resignation as political chief, then there was the defeat at the administrative elections. Finally, there was the national shortage of consents.

Here is what has got out from these General States.

We start form the choice of the next leader of the movement. After Di Maio’s resignation, Vito Crimi entered as interim leader. Now, we are going torwards a collegial body composed of 5-7 members. However, they do not explain how this body will be chosen and voted. Newspapers as Il Corriere and La Repubblica even suppose the bodies will be two. The first one will be as PD’s National Direction, while the second one will be similar to a party secretary.

The relationship with Rousseau

Members have also spoken about the controversial relationship with the Rousseau Platform of Davide Casaleggio. People do assume that there will be a stop of relationships with Rousseau, although Di Maio said: “We will find a new synergy with Rousseau which will guarantee us to have a direct democracy, which I strongly believe in”.

Among the future choices for M5S, there is the topic of alliances, as well. The M5S Congress has agreed on the fact that that you must not have alliances with only one political subject, bur you have to work on alliances based on programs. However, President of the Chamber Roberto Fico pointed out that the importance to speak with the center-left wing.

Finally, they discussed on the two-mandate-rule. From the General States emerged the confirmation that there will not be a derogation to the double mandate.

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