The swedish band released a new album!

On 22 february Left Hand Solution released its new album titled “Through The Mourning Woods“.
This digital album has been released for the label Massproduktion, and distributed by Playground Music.
Left Hand Solution formed in 1991, released 3 albums and toured Europe, US, and Canada, and made a good impression with their unique take on doom metal for more than 10 years.

Half of the band was busy with family and, slowly, Left Hand Solution project fell down into obscurity.

Now they come back, with a new work characterised by their combination of hard riffs, dark melodies, and Mariana Frykman’s dark and beautiful voice. Being one of the early metal bands with a female vocalist, their influence has been largely overlooked and their cult following has grown quite a lot lately.

Slowly the band resurrected thanks to many local gigs in the last years. Secretly Left hand solution started to work to their new album, that saw the light in february of this current year.

This work is characterised by the sounds from their early doom days and goth elements of their later days, and puts it all in a new context.

Review About “Through The Mourning Woods”!

This album includes six tracks of medium length ( from 4:23 minutes until 7 :34 minutes).

The doom of this band is not too slow, the gothic atmospheres help to smooth the sound. We find some melodic death metal riffs but, obviously, slow; the rhythmic section, drums and bass, works perfectly, and bass is not too pushy.

The female and male voices alternate in smoothy way, you don’t find a rigid change, expecially the first one is softer, compared to Mariana’s voice. Her voice is particular, is deep and soave.

This album starts with a borderline speed sound, because is not slow, but going forward every track is a little bit slower, until the end, where the sound is very slow.

The guitar sound, in most parts of the songs, is “dirty” because of the fuzz presence, only the last song starts with a strong reverb effect.

My final opinion is that this work has many goth influences that overlook the doom style.
For those who love soft sounds for relaxing moments this work is perfect, it’s not too heavy because, as i wrote, there are some goth influences that smooth the heaviest doom sound.
The question is: Will i listen this album again? My answer is, yes!

Line Up:
Mariana Frykman – Vocals
Joakim Mårdstam – Guitar
Peter Selin – Bass
Erik Barthold – Drums & Backing Vocals

1- Blessed Be My Fallen Angel
2- And Time Went By
3- Return The Sun
4- The Bleeding Heart
5- Stillborn
6- Fields On Fire

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