Here’s How Practice Tests Can Help You Ace Cisco 350-401 Exam


Cisco certifications have been serving as valid forms of proof for one’s competence in all domains regarding IT. Amongst them, you can also find credentials related to the networking sector. In this post, we will be talking about the Cisco 350-401 exam which acts as a requirement for several Cisco networking badges. Besides, we will also highlight why practice tests are important in your prep for such an assessment.

What Is Cisco 350-401 Exam?

350-401 is a 120-minute assessment developed by Cisco in order to evaluate your knowledge regarding various core enterprise network technologies including dual-stack architecture, network infrastructure & security, automation as well as virtualization of networks, etc. Passing this test alone will get you the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core certification. And in addition to that, the Cisco 350-401 will take you one step closer to earning the following credentials:

  1. The CCNP Enterprise

Besides 350-401, you will also have to sit for one concentration test of your choice to qualify for this badge. The options for concentration assessments include 300-410, 300-415, 300-420, 300-425, 300-430, and 300-435.

  1. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

To earn this badge, you also have to take one lab exam in addition to assessment coded 350-401.

  1. The CCIE Enterprise Wireless

To get yourself CCIE Enterprise Wireless certified, as with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure credential, you will also have to go through a lab exam in addition to succeeding in 350-401.

 All of these qualifications are recognized and accepted by top-tier organizations around the globe. So, with any of them, your chance of getting hired in a good position with a hefty salary is pretty high.

Preparing for 350-401 Effectively

To prepare for your 350-401 exam you must first learn its subject matter. And a good way to get this done is by following the official training course offered by Cisco. If you do so, you can be assured that you get the required syllabus covered with accurate content. Apart from that, you can also refer to textbooks that contain related content as they give out in-depth information that will make you skilled in even the smallest matters. But if you’re someone who hates reading chunks of texts, videos may be the best learning medium for you.

You can watch tutorial videos that explain networking concepts in a simple way on platforms like YouTube. In fact, it has been proven that videos help understand and retain information more effectively in comparison with study guides. Also, once you have covered the exam content, the next step in your preparation will be to assess your knowledge. For this purpose, you can use practice tests. There are many sites that offer such tests but not all of them are reliable. Try to find the most valid and updated ones available on the Internet. Being equipped with the exam objectives it will be easier for you to define whether the files offered are worth using. As these tests are opened on the special software that recreates almost the identical exam environment, it’s a great way for you to develop your time management skills and improve your results.


Passing the Cisco 350-401 exam opens up many new opportunities for you. It may not be the easiest assessment to score in, but if you make good use of practice tests and other prep materials, acing such a test will be a walk in the park for you! All the best!