From Germany, one of the most important old school death metal bands live in Rome!

Saturday 9th February 2019, Shatter Agency and Etrurian Legion Promotion brought at FuckSia – Billiards Rock’n’Live, in Dragona, near Rome, one of the most known german bands in death metal scene: Fleshcrawl.

They destroyed ears and necks with their aggressive sound, causing uncontrolled headbanging.

The night started with One Day in Fukushima, from Eboli. Their energy was contagious, they warmed the place with their crazy grindcore. After them came Hellretic, young roman band playing thrash/death metal, followed by Helslave, also young, also from Rome, devoted to the patterns of traditional death metal, and last but not least Fleshcrawl.

Fleshcrawl, from southern Germany, played 15 songs with the same energy, with the same violence. The first song was Flesh Bloody Flesh, and you could’t resist from singin’ its chorus. They are 100% faithful to the sacred word of early death metal, pure, true, you will never be disappointed or betrayed.

These guys bring hell on earth, Sven’s voice is incredible, is so ogrish, so loud, and also he’s a great frontman. He fomented fan to shake their heads and to sing.
The other members of the band were perfect too. The guitarist Oliver played some solos in a wonderful way. The bass player Nico created a solid background wall for the sick and morbid guitar melodies.

The drummer and original founder, Bastian, was like a war machine. The new guitar player Slobodan, possessed by a fuckin’ crazy demon, jumped down twice from the stage among the fan, he was so fomented and…unfortunally when for the second time he jumped from the stage, during The day man lost (Carnage’s cover, tribute to those death metal legends, chosen to finish the concert) he put KO a fan! Fortunally it was all ok, the guy brought home only a livid bump.
The night was incredible, i really loved to stay in front of stage because i could see how much imponent they were. I mean musically imponent, their sound invested you like a tir 200km/h on the highway.

The atmosphere was totally like in the first half of the 90’s, it was like living one of those live clips of Entombed, Grave, Dismember, Morgoth, Pestilence, Gorefest, that we used to watch on Mtv’s headbangers ball.

It’s incredible how much power music has. I hope they will come back to Italy, when the new album will be released and they’ll be on promotional tour!!!
As long as bands like them will be alive, death metal will always kill, but never die!!!

Fleshcrawl setlist:

Flesh Bloody Flesh
Dark Dimension
Structures of Death
Dying Blood
Slaughter at Dawn
Into The Fire of Hell
Kingdom of Skull


From the Dead To The Living
Under the Banner of Death
Written in Blood
Beneath a Dying Sun
Made of Flesh

As Blood Rains From The Sky
The Day Man Lost

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