ESM creates tensions among the majority

The ESM, to be allocated to public health, is amid the debate among the government majority


The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) comes back amid the italian government debate, creating new tensions among the majority. In fact, there has been a clash between the Partito Democratico leader, Nicola Zingaretti, and the Movimento 5 Stelle leader, Luigi Di Maio.

ESM creates tensions among the government

Since it has been created, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) has always been criticized in Italy. In fact, lots of italian political leaders do consider the ESM as a fraud, made by north Europe countries in order to send “Troika” to States which do use it.

With the pandemic, european States have been in a huge economical crisis, and they now need more money for public health. EU leaders have found an agreement about a fund, the so-called Recovery Fund and about the ESM, as well.

Italy is one of the States which has felt the crisis more than other countries, and because of this it needs this funds. Now the clash between the two majorities in the government, PD and M5S, is coming back. In fact, PD members would like to use, more than the Recovery Fund, the ESM, while the M5S members claim the Mechanism is just a fraud.

The clash Di Maio-Zingaretti

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio claims: “The ESM? We have got 209 bilions form the Recovery Fund, in part as a lost fund, we work in order to spend well this money. We have won the negotiated with the EU and now we tell the EU that it is not enough for us and we want more funds”.

Then he says: “The ESM is not money to give away. It will always be such a debt”.

Di Maio finishes his speech by saying: “The target to spend the 209 bilions of euroes requests the biggest effort. If we increase the debate about the ESM, we will not create anything but tensions among the majority”.

However, PD’s leader Nicola Zingaretti claims about ESM funds to public health. He reminds that perplexity on the Mechanism of M5S where linked to a form of financing that does not exist anymore.

Moreover, Zingaretti claims: “Today the ESM is another thing. It is very cheap on themes like the health in Italy. We have to bring this debate to the Parliament”.

On Zingaretti’s side there are also the Health minister Roberto Speranza, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri.

The political leader of M5S, Vito Crimi, claims: “The ESM is an inadequate tool, and it is not needed”.

Opposition’s opinions

On the opposition side, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia refuse the ESM. The Lega leader Matteo Salvini says: “The ESM is a loan to be returned on some conditions decided by an istitute which has place in Luxemburg. This could ask Italy to increase pensionable age or to tax the house and the bank account. I do not trust Luxembrug, I trust Italian people”.

Then he asks himself: “A solution? A solution could be to issue bots”.

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