Election day, Lega: Matteo Salvini vs. Luca Zaia

After the regional elections in Veneto, Matteo Salvini's Lega could have a challenger in its own home: his name is Luca Zaia

Election day

Today, the election day have taken place also in Veneto. Here there has been a sort of plebiscite for the Lega outgoing governor Luca Zaia. However, Zaia has introduced himself with a list called “Lista Zaia”, which is different from Matteo Salvini’s Lega. A very worrying poll for Salvini. In fact, “Lista Zaia” has romped the list “Lega Salvini”.

Salvini vs. Zaia on the election day

The Lega leader Matteo Salvini thought to succeed in winning in all the six regions. However, the center-right party has confirmed itself in two regions (Veneto and Liguria), and has won in another one (Marche). This is a bitter victory for Salvini. In fact, Zaia has been reconfirmed in Veneto thanks to the votes from his own list, and not to Salvini’s list ones. In Marche, the center-right has conquered the power thanks to the votes from Giorgia Meloni’s party “Fratelli d’Italia”.

So, we can say that Matteo Salvini has won, but he has lost a double battle, both with Meloni and Zaia.

In Veneto, the “Lista Zaia” has defeated the “lista Lega Salvini” with 53% against 14%. In the main cities like Venice, Salvini’s Lega ha conquered only the 11%.

Now, many people do ask if there will be such a leadership battle in the Lega party. In fact, looking at the results, we see that Salvini does not have to try to defeat the opposition, but someone who is in his same party, Zaia.

Already when Zaia said he would have introduced himself with another list, Salvini tried to boycott it. This is the demonstration that maybe Salvini is afraid of Zaia.

We now have to see if will born a sort of diatribe in the party, seen that Zaia could try to conquere the party.

The words of Fontana, Salvini and Meloni

Former minister Lorenzo Fontana, very loyal to Salvini, has claimed: “In Veneto the governor has been prized because of the management of the coronavirus outbreak. No dualism with Salvini. I think there will not be problems on this side”.

The Lega leader Matteo Salvini has limited himself to post on Facebook: “If polls are confirmed, from tomorrow Lega and the center-right will lead 15 regions out of 20″. And also where we failed, everyone on work with only a target: to help, to protect and to grow up our wonderful Italy”.

Maybe in Italy Salvini’s estremist Lega is losing his pitch. We have to underline that in Veneto lots who voted for Zaia claim they voted him due to the management of the pandemic. However, ifthe next time he introduce himself with “the a****le of Salvini and the fascist Meloni”, they will not vote for him anymore.

The Fratelli d’Italia leader Giorgia Meloni has written on Facebook: “Big satisfaction for the regional elections result. From North to South, Fratelli d’Italia is the only party who grows up in every region called to the polls”.

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