Ravech is a heavy metal band from Suriname formed in 2015. The vocalist Chaver Stutgard decided to form a new grunge/metalcore band.

Guitarist Liquid_Glycerine was into the grunge vibe of the band and shortly after drummer Reindell Stutgard and bassist Raydle Santjes joined.

Their sound is influenced by bands such as Slipknot, Trivium, Deftones, Alter Bridge and System of a Down. They also love local bands like Asylum, Luguber, Rafen and Skafu.

The group started recording their first EP named “Broko Tafra” (broken table) after the guitarist Liquid_Glyrecine met the local audio producer Jason Herkul online. During the recording process the Wacken Metal Battle Carribean was announced which rushed and pushed the band harder to get the EP done.

The first ep was welcomed with lots of positive reviews and fans wanted more.

Ravech released their second EP titled “Democracy Manifest” on November 26th. It’s recorded at Rockland Studio’s except for the song Darker Days, which was recorded at Red Eyes Studio.

The album contains seven tracks and its full lentgh is 30 minutes. It’s a short one, but full of energy. You can immediately understand that their major influence are Slipknot. Every track reminds me of their songs, music, style and vocals.

So the singer is absolutely inspired by Corey Taylor, especially in the shifts from a more aggressive voice to a melodic one. I’m reffering to the first track, The Walls, but I also found some similarities with Avenged Sevenfold first album, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet.

Then Disconsolation builds a dark athmosphere, such as Slipknot did in their albums Iowa and Gray Chapter. The drums sound powerful and there’s a lot of growl when the song is about to end. The following track is quite the opposite: Fall is a melancholic ballad. In my opinion this time the influence is Stone Sour music. I liked this one, it has good potential, but the mastering should be improved.

Fuck the leader starts with a circus music coming from somewhere. It’s like a Custer 2.0. The lyrics is a political protest, maybe it’s linked to the cover of the album, which contains the Suriname flag.

Mppo was composed with Sean Maia. Like the previous one, this is The Nameless 2.0. I find Slipknot references everywhere.

Eventually the last two tracks are Tranga Yesie and Darker Days. Again we can see the singer abilities in switching from a growl or scream way of singing to a more melodic voice.

From my perspective, the band has a good potential. I’m a Slipknot fan and I really love their dark sound. I appreciate what these guys are doing, they’re trying to carry on their legacy.

In my own point of view, Ravech has to improve the quality of the album production in order to spread their music. I wish them good luck and a long career!

Here’s the link to the album on Spotify.

Line up:
Chaver Stutgard: Vocals/guitar
Liquid_Glycerine: Guitar  
Raydle Santjes: Bass/vocals
Reindell Stutgard: Drums/vocals

Click here for the Facebook page of the band.

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