Creepypastas and fanfictions: readings for Halloween


We can find lists of readings to do during Halloween almost everywhere. But what to do if we want something less demanding than a book? Here’s the solution: web offers, in different sites of fanfictions, even the so called creepypastas. But what is exactly a creepypasta?

What are the origins of creepypastas?

Just like fanfictions, of which there are multitudes of subcategories, even creepypasta differentiate in different genres and characters, that became part of the collective imaginary. Let’s get to into some of them thoroughly. My skilled colleague Chiara Genovese has already talked about the genesis of the term and of how it spread, a while ago: if you’re interested, here’s the link for her article.

Cosa sono le creepypasta le storie horror di Internet

The legend of Slenderman

The most widespread creepypasta are definitely the ones built around characters created by the author’s imagination. The most famous is still the Slenderman, a figure with many things in common with the Boogeyman. Slenderman is portrayed as a tall man, at least 2 meters (6 ft) and very skinny, with extremely long arms similar to tentacles protruding from his back (but not in every version). He lives in the forest and kids are the only ones who can see him. And this is why kids are his favourite preys, attracted by him even tho he doesn’t have facial features, just a white face with no eyes, mouth and nose.

The legend becomes reality

In 2014, however, the legend took a disturbing turn in the worst reality: two girls of twelve years each, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, captured a girl of the same age and killed her. They did this, or at least based on their story, to please the Slenderman, that had talked and demanded this to them.

Not just Slenderman

But the Slenderman is just one of many main characters in creepypastas. The majority of them (Jeff the Killer, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby) follow the same genesis and story, even if in different times and places. Described as “different” characters, sad and lonely, often with a difficult childhood behind, and / or a history of abuse. At one point in their life a triggering event, like an aggression in Jeff the Killer’s case, awakens something withing them: so that’s how homicidal thoughts start, that eventually culminated with actual murders. A lucid insanity, often with victims such as close family members or abusers. And in many cases a signature, such as the phrase pronounced by Jeff for every murder: “Go to sleep”.

Creepypastas: lost episodes

Another subcategories is the one of the so called lost episodes of different animated cartoons. Some of them existed in reality, just like Suicide Mouse: or at least, there’s a similar video easily available on YouTube. When it comes to other videos there are fragments, probably fanmade, such as Bart’s death, a Simpson’s episode that never went on air. One of these segments shows Bart’s funeral, and at the cemetery many tombstones with names of celebrities. The strange thing, if it actually exists, is that many of these celebrities were alive when they created this presumed episode. And the reported date of death would be the same occurred in reality (ex. Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009). Among many animated products concerned by this creepypasta we can recall Spongebob Squarepants, The Fairly OddParents, Doraemon, Tom and Jerry, The Amazing World of Gumball and many others.

Perfect for Halloween

There would be a lot to say about this particular form of art, that counts many lovers on the main fanfictions platforms (among them, Wattpad and Efp fanfiction). A fascinating world for those who loves strong emotions, or who just has desire in entertaining their mind. Doubly important, especially in the difficult period we’re living.

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