Cancer: Shadaw Gripped review


Old death metal band, Cancer, comes back with a new work






The british death metal band Cancer is coming back with a new album, the sixth of its career. They’re coming back with the historical line up: John Walker Voice/guitar, Ian Buchanan Bass and Carl Stokes drum. They hadn’t been playing together since 1995.

This year, to celebrate thirty years of carreer, they release their new album Shadow Gripped. In it you can find 10  death metal songs with some brutal influences, it was recordered at Foel Studios with Simon Efemy (Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, Amorphis) handling production and mixing duties alongside the band.

And then, in this album, there’s a special guest: Anders Nyström ( Bloodbath/ Katatonia ).

Down the Steps, the opening album song, is so strange, at first impact it doesn’t seem a Cancer’s song. It starts so slowly, like a doom song. So slowly and so scratchy. In the middle of the song the rhythm changes, becoming faster, the vocal style is horrid, it seems like a demonic voice, it reminds brutal vocals. This song is heavy and leaves you stumped.

From the second track the situation changes, the sound is tipical of U.k.’s death metal that, even if belonging to the same family, is different to the other styles, like swedish or american.

The best piece is the fifth song, The infocidal, it reminds a lot the style of their most important album To The Gory End, even if the band’s style became slowler. We cannot find the rhythms of the 90’s in this new work, that sounds kinda slower, but really heavy.

The album keeps, from this point, the same style until the last song. Disposer, so slow that we can define it almost doom. The effect of this song is like the one the first track, slow until its half and suddenly faster, with some “cold” riffs. It ends with elettric distrurbing sound.

Shadow Gripped presents some fast and anxious riffs , drums are so heavy and the bass sounds quite distorted. The music that you can hear is anything but melodious.

And also John Walker’s voice seems like heavy and low compared to the previous albums, now is more hoarse, is full and less screamed.

Apart from these notable differences, the album is surely a good product, that will hardly disappoint die-hard deathsters

When the news about this album came out, there was a little bit of skepticism, because after the breakups and reunion without the original line up, the two albums they released didn’t satisfy the fan.

Now with this original line up they released something that “redeemed” them.

To finish this review i recommend you to buy this album, because the money you spend will be spent for a very good thing.


  1. Down The Steps [05:38]
  2. Garrotte [02:23]
  3.  Ballcutter[03:31] (feat. Anders Nystrom)
  4. Organ Snatcher [03:56]
  5. The Infocidal [04:51]
  6.  Half Man Half Beast [05:55]
  7. Crimes So Vile [05:00]
  8. Thou Shalt Kill [03:58]


Shadow Gripped will be released on the following formats:


180g Ltd Edition Red vinyl

180g Black vinyl



The band have confirmed they will be making an exclusive UK live appearance at this years Damnation Festival on 3rd November to celebrate the release of Shadow Gripped, they’ll be joining an esteemed line up featuring Napalm Death, Entombed AD and Ishan, to name a few. For more information

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