Ylem Darkul is a Blackened Death Metal band based in Bristol.

They are going to release their new LP called “The Malleus Maleficarum”.

I had the opportunity to interview the singer Samuel Harris. He answered to these ten questions.

Does the band name have a meaning? Who came up with the idea?

Ylem means the primordial existance that formed the universe. Darkul is a Japanese word that means the beginning. It a reminder of the inevitable heat death of the universe

Which are your favourite bands?

Our main bands we follow are Mayhem, Dissection, Cradel of Filth (Nick Barker era), Lamb of god, Burzum, Gojira… we listen to a bit of everything, this way we make our music unique and special.

Who does the band get inspired by?

All of the above bands as we take our time to make all of the band members voices heard, also we write our music on the spot, improvising as soon as we find it all works. The bits come together like a puzzle.

Why and when did you start singing?

I actually moved back to England from Spain. I was a drummer but I could only bring a microphone on the plane. So I settled being a vocalist and it worked for me (laughs).

Which are your vocal inspiration?

I mix my vocals starting from black metal to grind core and do my best to make it work for the band.

What are you plans for the future as a band?

We plan to make it as far as we can as a band hoping that someone from Italy get us over for a tour.

When are you going to release you EP?

We are on the final stages of releasing the LP. So it should be available for the 25th of April online. Hard copies are available at our concerts now.

Who would you like to play with?

Dark funeral, Mayhem and we would love to play again with Dunkelnacht.

What do you think about the current scene of black metal?

We think there should be a bigger scene and it should be recognised by more record labels

Which is your favourite album ever? And why?

Empires of Mediocracy by Dunkelancht. It’s our favourite at the moment. It brings back memories of the tour we had with them and there is some stunning musicianship on that album.

Long live black metal!

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