American Crisis – Cuomo’s lessons from the pandemic

While President Trump has messed up the national response to the pandemic, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has become the voice of the real American leadership

American Crisis

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has introduced his new book, “American Crisis”, on his fight against the coronavirus. Here he tracks how to face this kind of emergency, and describes all the difficulties and the scares felt during the toughest period of the pandemic. Cuomo is maybe one of the few politicians worthy for being called leader.

“American Crisis” – what is the best way to fight a pandemic?

In the United States, while President Trump was abandoning his duties in order to not face the emergency and was minimizing the pandemic, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was replacing him, becoming the real truth voice. In fact, he has always said what to do, encouraging the citizens to fight against the pandemic.

Cuomo, in his daily briefings, has always offered the audience what the outbreak trouble really was, without giving false reassurances. And, day by day, he has been planning what to do against the virus.

During his briefing has also succedeed in bringing a bit of serenity in a so dark time, by alternating the information with scenes of humorism, especially with his brother, Chris.

Ny Governor has been showing what being a true leader really means and, most of all, he has always taken his responsibilities in a time of emergency without precedents.

What does the book says

In “American Crisis” Cuomo describes how was difficult and discouraging to face the new requests to fight the pendemic. He also asks himself some questions, as, for example: “How to project a uniform policy for NY hospitals, when each one is leaded by its own rules?”. Or: “What happens to parents who go to work with their children at home, because of schools’ closing?”.

In his book, Cuomo speaks not only about the pandemic, but also about the protests after the death of George Floyd. He claims that, while he was supporting the protests, he said the city was also falling in chaos with criminals. He attacked NYC Mayor De Blasio for not having protected the citizens.

The tough work of Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo can be considered a harsh person by the most of the people, but this os not so. In fact, he has been showing what to be a real leader means, especially in times of big crisis.

For its critics, Cuomo’s book is a work from Governor’s ego. However, this book is not such a presumptuous work, because it tracks a guide line of how a future pandemic can be faced.

Andrew Cuomo is maybe one of the few leaders worthy for being called President of the United States.

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