All the challenges for a Joe Biden presidency

All the challenges

Less than two weeks from the USA 2020 elections, the challenges between the two candidates is increasing very quickly. If Biden won, as well as to resolve the problems of the previous presidency, he would face several chellenges among his same party.Here are all the challenges for a Joe Biden presidency.

What are all the Joe Biden challenges?

The USA 2020 elections are coming, maybe the most important elections in History. President Trump has completely upset America. He has brought the free-world-leader and democracy-model nation to a way of authoritarianism. Trump has polarized the American policy as no one has ever done.

This President has been fomenting hate, as well as he has been lacerating the country. Donald Trump has created a sort of Washington based on his own services. Moreover, he has abandoned the historical American allies for allineating the country with despots and dictators.

The democratic candidate Joe Biden, at the venerable age of 77, and after 40 years spent into the American politics, has been deciding to get involved again in order to try to reunite America another time and to end the trumpian nightmare.

If Biden succedeed in conquering the White House, he would face several chellenges, not only with problems linked to the Trump Administration, but also with problems among his same party.

Dem progressists – another problem

The former vice-president, in fact, will have to face the most progressist wing of the Democratic Party, leaded by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Biden introduced himself as a candidate who will try to reunite America and will listen both to Republicans and Democrats. However, it will not be an easy task for the candidate. In fact, progressists, as well as trumpians, are unwilling disposed to listen to the opposition and to compromise.

For Biden, it will not be easy to try to dialogate both with the Trump Republicans and progressist Democrats.

The Dem candidate will have to deal with a remedy for racial injustices. He also will have to deal with a police reform, but without drastic measures, as protesters do ask.

Moreover, Biden will try to conquere the old American allies again. He moreover will have to deal with the covid emergency and to restore the economy.

If Biden became President, he would have a very tough task to carry out. In fact he would face a completely divided and battered nation.

In America, the main problems is not given only by the Trump’s GOP, but also by the Sanders’s progressists. As Trump’s GOP, progressists promise everything without thinking about the conseguences this will have, and, as well as Trump, they accuse moderats to be unable. They often use estremisms, too.

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