Lauri Porra e Jes Johanson
 Lauri Porra e Jens Johansson

It’s been a while since the FDB-Feast of Beer, an very great event that brought big names on stage, above of all Stratovarius.

It’s not easy to be super partes in this case, when you grow up with a band even if you listen to it just for a short time, knowing that you can admire them in all their artistic beauty, to see them so close and listen to their notes and voice so clear, clear and strong, you can’t remain indifferent.

Being a fan is something that starts from the inside, you know that what you love is the artist and not the man, but sometimes it’s great to fantasize, just like when teenagers put their headphones on and then the volume high enough to isolate them from the world, but not too much to hurt them.

The press pass is taken, now just to wait.

They start. A boom among the people, everyone singing with them, bewitched by these Finnish guys active for more than thirty years, in short, a triumph of melodies, voices and lights.

Timo Kotipelto
 Timo Kotipelto

Timo Kotipelto, a 48-year-old, exquisite, powerful, clear and beautiful voice scratchs you without hurting you, comes into your head and makes you sing. His eye-catching smile enchants you, and his way to stay on the stage with that casual, so fluent way, kidnaps you and takes you into another dimension.

Every single note, song is perfectly performed there on the stage to make you excited and let you drool, to make you envy those who have the press pass, make you scream to vent all the emotion.
The setlist is intense, starting with the energetic Speed ​​of Light to reach the great success Paradise, a song that made even rocks sing, in my opinion is perhaps one of the milestones of the group.

Jens Johansson
 Jens Johansson

Phoenix, EagleHeart, My Eternal Dream, Visions, Under Flaming Skies, Coming Home, Shine In The Dark, at a certain point Jens Johansson with a solo, with his silver hair covering his face, with his hands caressing the keys in a sort of “trans Orgasmic music”, gives stars to the beautiful Black Diamond. Emotions are high, a scream that accompanies Kotipelto’s voice, and a rumbling of voices singing during the refrain.

Matias Kupiainen
Matias Kupiainen

The show continues with Forever Forge, followed by Unbreakable, finishing with Hunting High And Low
Looking at its entirety, the show was really immense, each of the “Elements” of the group was well-mixed, including the fact that the absence of Timo Tolkki was filled by the good and young Matias Kupiainen (present since 2008).

A really talented guitarist born in ’83, one year before the formation of Stratovarius, who gave life to dream solos. A bit more shy than others, a little less smiling, but not for that less charming.

Rolf Pilve
 Rolf Pilve


The latest band’s acquisition is the young Rolf Pilve who took Jorge Michael‘s place in 2012, a drummer with a resolved touch, the instrument is “badly mistreated”, an excellent rhythm and kept at the same level (watch a drum cam during their concerts).
Let us not forget about Lauri Porra, with his long deep relationship with the bass he could give nothing but intense emotions.
When I saw them, jumping on stage, they made me think about

Lauri Porra
 Lauri Porra

elves coming out from a Tolkien’s tale, beautiful and captivating, an exceptional verve, impossible to remain impassive.
So many great emotions that can still be felt after.

Italian Version here

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