Cartesian: “Bleed The Requiem” Review (English Version)

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Very strong sound from Sweden






In the last article I interviewed the young band (you can find interview follow this link).

Their first album is MCCCL was based on death/heavy core metal, with growl and clean voice. They have young approach with metal music.

They told me in the interview that Cartesian came as a project after their first band that played metal core and, maybe, for this reason, there is that influence in this new work.

It is a sort of passage in the type of music, because when I listened their last single “Bleed the Requiem”, I was surprised when I realized that the sound was changed.


This song starts with the guitar with reverb effect (medium intensity) that gives the echo effect, like when you are in a big open space. Another effect that we can hear is the fuzz, I can define this a sort of chainsaw sound. My favourite part is the solo moment, typical melodic death metal.

Six seconds after the beginning of the song the first voice starts, immediately followed by the second voice.

Comparing the first album with this new work, we can find that Bleed of the Requiem is more angry and a bit ‘schizophrenic’, and we can feel their desire to show us that they know what that they do.

Listening the song for the first time, apparently, the sound results a bit chaotic in some parts, but if you listen to this song a second time you can hear every single instrument.

This song lasts 3:23 minutes, at the 2:05 minute the sound stops, only a guitar with reverb remains and drums that play a sort of march, until 2:40 minute, where the sound starts again so hard with fuzz and reverb effect mixed together. Twenty seconds to the end voice starts again to close the song.

Cartesian Bleed The requiem
Cartesian Bleed The requiem



Snow, torch, candles, a young and innocent girl, three hooded men and the band.

These are the main videoclip elements. Without frills, like some old (metal) video.

This is the beginning: there is a ritual that has to be celebrated, behind the young girl dressed in white with a rose in her hand there are three officiants. While some shots are focused on the band.

There is a great contrast betweene the speed in which the guys move and the slowness in which the ritual is prepared.

In fact the shots on the band are “rough”, like if they were restless, contrarily to the shots were these “priests” (let’s define them like this) prepare this ritual with extreme slowness.
Everything ends with the blood stained rose.

Cartesian is a young band, of course, but they are technically prepared, they have a clear idea about what they want to do. They want to bring the new wave of metal an higher level.

Bleed The Requiem (video)

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